"COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America's Great Reset" TofC & plot + links to all "Tales From the Great Reset." For memes/jokes/humor on the latest psyops: https://covidsteria.substack.com/
Happy Memorial Day weekend as gas is through the roof, there's no baby formula, wages are not keeping up with inflation, its all Putin's fault and more…
Priorities are priorities, when other countries need help, some mass shootings are more equal than others and more Biden memes!
Paging Greta, airplane Karens, mask-holes have alot of nerve and more mask memes!
The private jets are idling, so many forums and speeches to choose from, Jack Posobiec gets detained and more Davos and World Economic Forum (WEF…
Ukraine and foreign aide summed up, so many unanswered questions or coincidences and more Biden, Zelensky or Ukraine corruption memes!
Monkeypox (the "K" is silent) is COMING to get you, but the memes are already here!
Freudian slips by neocons, truth bombs away, the latest news the western MSM won't tell you about the war and more Putin invades the Ukraine memes!
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COVIDsteria + Tales From the Great Reset