specially like the John Cleese meme - all 5000 years of slavery and counting ! Egypt, Rome, all of Europe, they all had slaves (I am not familiar with Asian history but presume that had them too)

And how do you call people working for a few cents a day in dusty attics in Paris?

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Now they should have more polls:

"Is it OK to be Jewish?"

"Is it OK to be Puerto Rican?"

"Is it OK to be Asian?"


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I like the George Floyd statue.

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Apparently the Rasmussen survey did not ask the question "Is it OK to be Black?"

I guess if I was asked a question like "Is it OK to be [a particular census-recognized category]?" I would have to answer "I don't know; I don't understand the question."

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Awesome set of memes.


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Some people think that blacks have been the ONLY victims of slavery. Just like some people think that jews have been the ONLY victims of genocide. Human behavior doesn’t always change (it can), therefore it can be reasonably assumed that there have been MANY “victim classes” in history.

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