Absolutely love the Amnesty 3000… you really need to market that! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

I bet the French would buy it!

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This article (I wrote, not you!) was a joke ... Intentionally.

If humor is the best medicine ... this medicine isn't taking!


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Gollum, one of my fave characters of all time. Love the contrast b4 Fakedown and Amnesty Wishtime.

I believe in absolution, and it’s conditional by definition: someone once said “ repent, beg God for absolution for crimes committed, and you might just have a chance at it.” But forgiveness in the face of your corruption, your tyranny, comes at a price. It’s free, really. Humility, sincere repentance, heartfelt contrition, appeal to the kind sense of the wronged who don’t stoop into the abyss of cruelty( since 2 wrongs don’t make a right). Cost you nothing. And makes you a hero.

But of course, those words may mean nothing to you without a Catholic upbringing.

Sadly, even if you were, that beautiful religious spiritual doctrine of love was subverted by the marxists’ effect on the corrupt vatican long ago.

I keep the spiritual reality alive within me; the rest i leave at hell’s door and move along in peace. Mom was correct about all of that; sadly it took me 35 yrs of darkness to realize it. 🙏🏽

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Who drew the comic under the Arnold S screenshot?

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MY APOLOGY. A self-styled “parenting expert” makes a plea for “Pandemic Amnesty.” Listen to Turfseer’s latest hit song. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/my-aplogyq

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Israel - Leaked MoH audio


# On "re-challenge" (taking the second shot after having an adverse event on the first one, even if the first side effect went away):

"One of the strongest things here is the rechallenge. We know about medications. There is the Naranjo Scale [The Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Probability Scale]. When there is an adverse event that recurs upon rechallenge, it turns from 'possible' to 'definite' to 'significant'."

# On how to duck legal responsibility:

Here, we will need to think in a medico-legal way. Why medico-legal?

Because for quite a few events we said: "Ok they exist, there is a report, but please get the vaccine".

Meaning, we need to think how we write it and present it in a correct way, so that this will not yield court cases. "Wait a moment, you said that this will go away and vaccination should be continued, and now see what happened to me"

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Dr Byram Bridle covered this on his stack:


"We did not have a [COVID-19 'vaccine'] mandate in Ontario" & "an alternate to the individual should have been offered"

ROTFLMAO. The government of Ontario just threw all businesses and universities under the bus. That is what you get for doing the government's bidding and forcing your students & customers to be shot up. LAWSUITS and a lot of them.

So do the businesses now point the finger at the government? The government had mandates for their employees but was just "recommending" that everyone else have a "policy".

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I love the last one. It's missing one item though.

5) The injection does NOT stay at the injection site.


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