About the TOGETHER trial you asked about: "Not familiar with this trial… Maybe someone can fill me in in the comments….:"

It was one of the most fraudulent studies ever. A couple of examples are:

1) Telling people to take IVM on an empty stomach. IVM is fat soluble and absorbs better WITH fat. They reduced the absorption intentionally.

2) They capped the body weight at 60 kilos so everyone who weighed over 130 pounds was intentionally under dosed.

Alexandros' substack is awesome by the way. He did a 23 part reply to the Scott Alexander's "essay" on IVM and destroyed it.

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The "together trial" showed ivermectin to be ineffective against that scary thing. Bret Weinstein did a good analysis of how badly done the trial was, discussed at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cold-confusion-alexandros-marinos-unpacks-the/id1471581521?i=1000559356893

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