there is something funny going on on YouTube as well. Lately when I post something, usually how nice the video was etc. someone gives a nasty response, like your head is full of dumb ideas, or even, I want to get to know you etc. This is quite recent.

I suppose adders are everywhere.

I have little experience with jabbed people because I avoid them, just in case the shedding story is true. I only had a vague headache a few times, but that might be due to the fact I am no longer used to the constant talking of my former friend...

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It feels like we're in an extended episode of The Twilight Zone.

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Excellent post! Ty! Shared far and wide.


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For me today, the question is still about transfections, did they only need 40% of us jabbed, or is that psyop too? My personal experience re this is that these are self spreading, I have felt sick 3x after being in enclosed spaces with the jabbed. What's your experieces?

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