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The laws of man change, and do not apply equally to everybody. The Big Guy & son are a good illustration of this. I do not expect either of them to be held accountable by human courts for their numerous crimes.

However, the laws of nature ignore the laws of man. The laws of nature do not change. And the laws of nature will soon harshly punish the Dastardly Duo. Pedo Joe is an old man with rapidly avancing dementia. He is probably not long for this world. And all his ill-gotten money won't another minute buy. As for Biden the lesser, let's just say he hasn't taken as good care of himself as his dad did. He has been smoking cigarettes for nearly 40 years, and that alone has caused a lot of men to have of fatal heart attacks in their 50s, including my grandfather when I was a baby. But add to that huge quantities of cocaine, booze, and sleazy hookers. Just imagine having a $50k/month job with a 2 hour work week. 2 hours of sitting in a board meeting listening to people speak a language you don't understand. Then clock out and hit the dopetrap and the no-tell motels. That's how he lived. Within a decade the laws of nature will cause one or more of his internal organs to fail. Heart, lungs, liver, it's anybody's guess. They've all sustained a lot of damage. One will eventually go.

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