the Great Reset is code for something else. The end of humanity

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COVIDsteria and Tales from the GR explained and annotated for children https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/we-cant-find-them-therefore-they



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How Fashion Will Change With the Great Reset:

“Armani Armor, Roboto Cavalli, Gucci.gov, and more! It’s the year 2030, and the fashion world has gone through an upheaval of historic proportions!”


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I am limited intellectually and am lazy.

How can I quickly get to videos ?

I promise I will read other stuff after desert

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Wow! - so much substack - so little time! - Just found this- trying to come to some overall road map of your project ... "science fiction" in some sense, I presume - I am drawn to the "swabbing" angle in particular - that was such a terrifying, really, aspect of the operation - the govmint invading bodies in that way, in that context, repeatedly ... the citizenry mobbing "test centers" to be invaded... there's some cinematic content right there.

I am bookmarking and will try to get back.

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This is amazing work. I honestly don't know how to characterize the tone other than one that grants me the ability, even the necessity, to laugh at being marched toward doom along with the rest of the superfluous yapping yutzes. It's like Monty Python for people who occasionally go outside and walk around in shorts when it's 10 below for a few minutes just to see if that still feels like it's supposed to.

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Excellent resources and freedom placards you have compiled here.

I read one of your pieces about how coordinated the effort is to cancel or bully dissenters and wanted to share this article I wrote. It show that the "long March through institutions" is paying off in spades now. The article is about all the grant money flooding across the country and into colleges to train people to "fight misinformation."


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