This is a tremendous collection of evidence of democratic voter fraud. Please do your country the service of sending it all in to the legal teams in courts making these arguments. So far, every single case has been thrown out of court due to lack of evidence. Some judges have even been quite scathing in their judgements, and some of those lawyers who went before them with this stuff have had their ability to practice law revoked. THEY NEED THIS EVIDENCE!

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Voter fraud has been the elephant in the room staring Amerikan voters for nearly two centuries. Tammany Hall style vote-rigging and patronage has been present in almost every single election, with perhaps a lone exception of armed resistance by a group of WWII veterans at The Battle of Athens, Tennessee on 1 August 1946 (https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/the-battle-of-athens-tennessee/).

The skeptical observer might, in a moment of cynicism, question the entire paradigm that provides an illusion of choice to voters.

1. Why only two candidates in a country of 330,000,000?

2. What does it even signify when it’s said that “so-and-so is the President”—isn’t it a ridiculous concept to believe one individual can possible lead or manage 330,000,000?

3. Is there some ineluctable law of nature that winnows candidates to “polar opposites” (which the conspiracy realist fails to distinguish between, e.g., a #RINO = #Demonokraut.)

In any event, this dazed maze-rat believes the system is rigged and functions exactly as intended. Voting always results in a victory for government. And this mechanism, which we find repeated in some form or another, in all “civilizations” is the inevitable result of having to manage 2/3rds of the population which is functionally #illiterate and #innumerate (i.e., is only capable of functioning at a 5th grade level, e.g., read the sports page.)

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