Lots of truth in these memes!

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Fauci is a criminal that Dr Robert Willner wanted arrested in the 80’s for fraud and murder of HIV/AIDS patients.

Kary Mullis the Nobel prize winner and creator of the PCR test, said give him 10 minutes and he’ll prove Fauci is an asshole. His words not mine. He challenged Fauci to a debate on many occasions to prove “he knew nothing about nothing”, Mullis’s words again, and Fauci always declined.

Fauci is evil and a medical terrorist.

He’s been bought and owned by the global elites. And he serves their interests.

He needs to be neutralized for the good of humanity

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Sad, sick little man! MURDERER! 🔥

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There is a factual error in the very first meme. It says that Fauci used pcr tests to get false positives in 1980. While I have no doubt the little weasel would have done so if he could have at the time (or any time), the fact is that Kary Mullis had not yet invented pcr in 1980.

Reminds me of Hillary's anachronistic Edmund Hillary lie.

We do not need to lie; the truth is on our side.

We have an obligtion to be accurate, lest we give the enemy a weapon.

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Great memes. : )

But fuouci will still be receiving an outlandishly hugh retierment amount.

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