I hit the Like button, but there is nothiing much to like really. How in the world can people NOT wake up when they see this? 3 reporters in Qatar, one tumbled over but was rescued, and now 2 dead. And all these people falling off their chairs on TV, and 1350+ sportsmen dead on the field, in all the years I live (65) I never saw this. Did any one else? If not, are they not curious about what is going on? Or do they know deep in their hearts, that the poison in their veins is what is killing and maiming all these people?

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

When will people do historical research and find out that anytime you inject anything into your body, you’re on a highway to hell.

Never in the history of mankind has injecting poisons into your body given you better health.

Quite the opposite. They’ve ALL maimed and killed. Read and learn the history of this barbaric act:

The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations https://a.co/d/cfvx9Q6

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History https://a.co/d/coVuit4

- George William Winterburn, PhD, MD, The Value of Vaccination: A Non-partisan Review of Its History and Results, 1886

- History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar R. Crookshank, 1889

- Charles Creighton, Jenner and Vaccination. A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1889

We’ve known for well over 150 years the concept of vaccination is a fraud concept.

And the criminals that pose as our elected officials are in on the take and are raking in millions, and will NEVER stop the madness that is called vaccination.

And neither will doctors who are being PAID handsomely for jabbing and lying to their trusting patients.

If you’ve been jabbed then your death will be influenced by and/or directly caused by said jab.

People should quit thinking it’s coincidence. That’s propaganda talk.

And yet the populace of today (being dumbed down by design) have their heads buried in the sand and believe the corrupt media’s story of blaming these deaths on everything else under the sun except the obvious. What a pity.

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Rod Stewart is an idiot, and his idiocy has destroyed his son's life. I hope Rod doesn't ever get another good night's sleep again. Especially after what he said about me and all the others who refused to comply.

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You know, I just realized WHY I

keep reading this stuff and watching the vids.....I have a morbid curiosity to see JUST HOW MUCH STUPID ppl will choose to believe, and want to be there when that one last straw finally breaks the camel's back.

Hard to believe it has not happened yet - lots of head-shakers here, Citizen !

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Too bad the guy described as "an activist for the civil rights of disabled citizens" had to die; there seem to be an awful lot more disabled citizens these days, and their right to compensation from those who either deceived or coerced them into taking the jab is not being recognized by those with the power to make it happen.

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What have THEY done?! 😭

This makes me so sad and Angry!!! 🔥🔥🔥💉💉💉😡😡😡


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It's a tragicomedy. ...

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Difficult bringing the murderers to justice, when so many still buy the big lie!

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