I simply and totally enjoy the precision, wittiness and realism of the sarcasm. I also found some facts (after triggered research) I ignored. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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Aug 7, 2022·edited Aug 7, 2022

A recent attempt in a South American country name beginning with P ending in U to disenfranchise unvaxed from voting "due to sanitary policies" was cracked by an MP whose party is slated to make big gains as a front for the Japitalspan Mafia.

A wonderful piece of minimal editing has the new sentence,

"Según la nueva actualización, para el ingreso a los locales de votación, el elector deberá usar de forma correcta dos mascarillas o una mascarilla KN95, la misma que deberá cubrirle la nariz y boca. En consecuencia, no se solicitará el carné físico o virtual que acredite haber recibido la vacunación completa contra la COVID-19 y también se elimina aplicar alcohol en gel en las manos como medida de higiene. Sin embargo, de acuerdo al protocolo, se ha considerado puntos de desinfección con alcohol en gel en caso alguna persona desee aplicarse voluntariamente."

where the words "En consecuencia, no" replace "y"

changing the form "wear a mask and show the vax cert" now say "wear a mask, in consequence not having to show the vax cert". LOL much easier in Spanish.

Lovely to see the U turn. Still, those innocent of mRNA are still largely second class citizens.

Your election fraudsters really need to come here for module 101!

JFF the English of the above says,

"According to the new update, to enter the voting premises, the voter must correctly wear two masks or a KN95 mask, the same one that must cover the nose and mouth. Consequently, the physical or virtual card will not be requested. that certifies having received the complete vaccination against COVID-19 and applying alcohol gel to the hands as a hygiene measure is also eliminated.However, according to the protocol, disinfection points with alcohol gel have been considered in the case of any person wish to apply voluntarily."

Still quite a bit of facenappyismo going on here. Girls say it saves on makeup. Boys say it's easier to rob at gunpoint.

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Wishfully I have no exclusive knowledge to the wise-saying: "Fool me once.... "

Our advantage is that we are considered to be uneducated. Obvioulsly the last presidential election proved our intellect and our numerical dominance. "their" only option is cheating; for less number of people fall for their lies, fear and 'promises'.

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When will this "book" be coming out in hardback?

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