Disclaimers & Trigger Warnings

BRANDON REGIME WARNING: Sharing or agreeing with the contents of this post means you are a terrorist threat according to the “National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin - February 07, 2022 02:00 pm.”

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Health misinformation can often be hard to detect e.g. Memes (fun, colorful images or graphics) that were created as a joke, but people started resharing thinking it was true. If you’re not sure, don’t share!

PFIZER CEO’S WARNING: People who spread misinformation on Covid-19 vaccines are criminals and should be treated as criminals.

ALERT: CNN’s Brian Stelter HATES memes and meme makers!

WARNING: Sharing our False Flag Memes, FBI Hypocrisy Memes, FBI Memes and FED Memes compilation posts will not only get your name added to a watch list, your door will get kicked in by an FBI swat team the first thing tomorrow morning and you will be sent to the Gulags!

NOTE: While we are bombarded with woke propaganda buried into every story line from Hollywood to fiction literature these days, there is hardly any NON-WOKE satire (beyond the Babylon Bee etc) and/or fictional/satirical writing along the lines of George Orwell, Ayn Rand and the like. And besides, publishers won’t touch such material these days - meaning there is little monetary incentive for such writing…

Please feel free to support this endeavor any way you can with a small donation to keep me motivated and perhaps encourage others to do more non-woke fiction and satirical writing!

COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America’s Great Reset (Table of Contents) is a fictional satire along the lines of a Studs Terkel oral history or Max Brooks' World War Z published as a serialized book on Substack while Tales From the Great Reset is our occasional satirical short-story series and BREAD&CIRCUSES posts are weekly humor roundups. In addition, check out our Community + Links to Alternative COVID & Great Reset Resources...

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