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While we are bombarded with woke propaganda buried into every story line from Hollywood to fiction literature these days, there is hardly any NON-WOKE satire (beyond the Babylon Bee etc) and/or fictional/satirical writing along the lines of George Orwell, Ayn Rand and the like. And besides, publishers won’t touch such material these days - meaning there is little monetary incentive for such writing…

Please feel free to support this endeavor any way you can with a small donation to keep me motivated and perhaps encourage others to do more non-woke fiction and satirical writing!

  1. COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America’s Great Reset (Table of Contents) - A fictional satire (roughly 342 pages as a Word Doc/PDF) along the lines of a Studs Terkel oral history or Max Brooks' World War Z (BUT w/o the gore as this is a satire).

  2. Memes/Jokes/Humor compilation posts - Covering all the latest Great Reset psyops (COVIDsteria, RUSSIAsteria etc)

    Complete Great Reset Meme Index

  3. Tales From the Great Reset - Ongoing satirical short stories about the Great Reset…

  4. BREAD&CIRCUSES: Great Reset Humor Roundup - Weekly roundups and a focus on lesser-known sources…

COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America’s Great Reset

I am publishing COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America’s Great Reset as a serialized book on Substack for the following reasons:

  • I do not want to reinvent the wheel by building my own website with eCommerce just to sell one eBook as a PDF/ePub etc.    

  • For the most part, Conservatives/Libertarians/Populists ONLY want to complain about Big Tech and launch more (useless…) social media websites or blogs. With few exceptions (Andrew Torba/GAB, Dan Bongino’s Alignpay, and Mike Lindell’s still limited MyStore.com), they do not want to do the heavy lifting of building a censorship free ecosystem (payment processors, online ad networks, marketplaces/eCommerce etc) needed to allow ordinary people (like me) to sell a simple eBook (that would otherwise be BANNED or CENSORED) or anything else for that matter without reinventing the wheel.

At some point (again and without reinventing the wheel…), I would like to sell this and any other satire I write as a PDF/ePub etc on an eCommerce site (without too many middlemen taking a cut) and write a sequel or two (COVID and health care totalitarianism is not going away).


Please leave comments, corrections, and suggestions!


Minimum Substack subscription pricing is not ideal for a book (but for now, it’s the easiest option available to me):

  • $5 a month

  • $30 a year

  • Further donations from those sick of lockdowns, vaccine mandates and COVID hysteria are welcomed!


Roughly Sunday to Friday with the weekdays focused on memes etc (subject to change depending on the latest Great Reset psyops)…


Not a fan of social media and don’t expect me to have that much on there:


I would be open to hearing from (reputable…) publishers who might want to publish a hardcopy of this satire (and deal with all of the associated hassles of doing so). HOWEVER, I doubt many publishers will touch this book (without wanting to censor much of it), nor have the ability to get hardcopies into actual brick-and-mortar stores or on big eCommerce sites.

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Citizen Satirist (CS) is the author of the satire: "COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America's Great Reset" and "Tales From the Great Reset." See: https://covidsteria.substack.com/p/covidsteria-table-of-contents