COVIDsteria: An Oral History of America’s Great Reset (roughly 342 pages as a Word Doc/PDF) is a fictional satire along the lines of a Studs Terkel oral history or Max Brooks' World War Z (BUT w/o the gore as this is a satire). I am publishing it as a serialized book on Substack for the following reasons:

  • I do not want to reinvent the wheel by building my own website with eCommerce just to sell one eBook as a PDF/ePub etc.    

  • For the most part, Conservatives/Libertarians/Populists ONLY want to complain about Big Tech and launch more (useless…) social media websites or blogs. With few exceptions (Andrew Torba/GAB, Dan Bongino’s Alignpay, and Mike Lindell’s still limited MyStore.com), they do not want to do the heavy lifting of building a censorship free ecosystem (payment processors, online ad networks, marketplaces/eCommerce etc) needed to allow ordinary people (like me) to sell a simple eBook (that would otherwise be BANNED or CENSORED) or anything else for that matter without reinventing the wheel.

At some point (again and without reinventing the wheel…), I would like to sell this satire as a PDF/ePub etc on an eCommerce site (without too many middlemen taking a cut) and write a sequel or two (COVID and health care totalitarianism is not going away).


Please leave comments, corrections, and suggestions! I may incorporate them in a final eBook…


Minimum Substack subscription pricing is not ideal for a book (but for now, it’s the easiest option available to me):

  • $5 a month

  • $30 a year

  • Further donations from those sick of lockdowns, vaccine mandates and COVID hysteria are welcomed!


Starting in late August 2021: 7AM EST Sundays and Thursdays (subject to change)…


Not a fan of social media and don’t expect me to have that much on there:


I would be open to hearing from (reputable…) publishers who might want to publish a hardcopy of this satire (and deal with all of the associated hassles of doing so). HOWEVER, I doubt many publishers will touch this book (without wanting to censor much of it), nor have the ability to get hardcopies into actual brick-and-mortar stores or on big eCommerce sites.

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