California Memes

Newsom-DeSantis debates šŸ„± Newsom meets his boss (and San Franshithole gets cleaned up) and more future Uniparty President appointee Gavin Newsomeā€¦
What happens in California needs to stay in California. Do not talk about flight club, could happen in CA and more California memes as the Regimeā€¦
Underwear hammer club, need common sense hammer control, holiday gift ideas, nobody believes this one, almond milk analogy and more Paul Pelosi "attackā€¦
Did the suspect use Paul's backdoor? Ancient Chinese proverb from the Art of Gay, leaked camera footage, Paul's X-rays, the hammer used, All Trump'sā€¦
The future is dark; how to spot a California driver; California dating, logic and innovation summed up; Florida vs. California; 1822 vs. 2022; and moreā€¦
She likes gasolina, China huffs & puffs, issues redlines & more redlines, China's final warning, aPAULing behavior by Paul Pelosi & more Nancy Pelosiā€¦
Move over Debbie & Dallas: Americaā€™s favorite stock-trading granny & Helen of Troy checks up on her chip investments, let's hope she doesn't embarrassā€¦
Nancy Pelosi's drunk driving husband memes plus nephew Gavin Newsom has COVID after his booster shot!
Governor Nuisance was trick-or-treating for 11+ days... Nothing to see folks... Please move along...